Reference: Claudette and familly from Malta 7.april 2018


Family reunion after 100 years

Genealogy trip to northern Slovakia

Jopek, Chromiak and Shelley Cook family reunion in Skalite, Kysuce region. 2018:03:18

After 3 years of research Shelley and her family from United states decided to visit distance family in north of Slovakia.Her great grand mother left to United states in beginning of 20-th century. She must sold land to be able to purchase boarding ticket for ship to emigrate. After 100 years family found their way back to each other.
Reference from Shelley Cook
Ondrej was an amazing guide! I hired him to translate for me on a family visit, and also as a guide to Devin Castle and wine tour. Ondrej was
one of the best guides I’ve had in my travels. He was always on time and has a wealth of information about Slovakia. His English is perfect as he has traveled and lived in the U.S. I would not hesitate to hire him for anything you want to do in Slovakia. He is very flexible and has great ideas for tours.

10 amazing castles you must definitely see in Slovakia

Era of the Slovakian castles started in the 13-th century when almost one third of population what lived in territory of today Slovakia has been wiped out during invasion of Mongols.

From then the kings and aristocracy started to build castles in every strategic location throughout whole country. In total it was about 300 catles and fortresess.

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Authenticslovakia tour to World war 2 memorial in Bratislava 6-th of February 2015

Authentic tour 6-th of February 2015It was my pleasure to guide 4 lads on post socialistic tour with Authenticslovakia tour agency. 2 hours we spent driving and visiting places like World war 2 memorial called Slavin. Heaps of snow in February didn’t allow us to explore more former iron curtain at the end of town. But we had chance to explore other free outlooks on Bratislava. Interesting was outlook from hotel Bôrik. People during communistic regime could mostly look behind borders on the other side of Danube. While the borders was heavily guarded there was quite difficult to get travel permit.

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Village Pub Crawl in Záhorie 4-th of May 2014

Village Pub Crawl in Záhorie 4th of May 2014One Sunday afternoon I took on the tour bunch of americans living in London. They decided come to Slovakia for weekend trip. After short meeting and introduction at SNP square in Bratislava
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